Hoil Dental Milling Centre

Hoil Dental Milling Centre, located in London Suburb - Surrey, is a team of highly experienced dental technicians and engineers, aiming to provide our clients with the best possible service and quality of work, as well as technical support and professional expertise.

We believe that working with us means finding solutions to your professional needs and offering you a great opportunity to expand and develop your business. We look forward collaborating with you, regardless of your level of CAD/CAM experience.   


What we offer

We offer a wide range of services and products, from scanning, printing and designing, to milling and technical support. Our vast technical knowledge, combined with our software and milling equipment guarantee results of the highest quality in an efficient and professional manner, unrivalled on the market.

We always maintain a good communication with our clients so they have control over making choices of designs and materials. We provide versatility that comes from the big variety of high quality materials, professional expertise, innovative approaches and robust quality check.


3D Printing Service


Milling Service Workflow

Once we have received your order, we proceed the project with the working process as follow.
* 48-hr Dispatch